Electrical Design

Preparation of electrical design for new and/or upgrading of electrical installation of high-rise residential and commercial buildings, substation equipment and facilities, protection and control panel layout and wiring diagrams

Design Consultancy

Consultancy services related to power system study, automation and integration, and medium and low voltage systems

Power System Studies

Preparation of power system study and analysis using ETAP electrical power system design and analysis software for equipment evaluation, cable sizing & ampacity, load flow, voltage drop, panel studies & single phase systems, short circuit analysis, protective device coordination and sequence of operation


Automation of integrated substation equipment and devices including supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), data logging of meter reading, breakers and disconnect switch status, controls of breakers and disconnects, controls of on-load tap changers (OLTC) and monitoring of transformer installed devices and substation events

New SCADA System Master Station


Integration of substation devices such us protection & control relays, meters, circuit breaker controls, motorized disconnect controls and transformer monitors & controls

Installation and Commissioning

Installation and commissioning of pre-wired protection and control panels, meter panels, SCADA panels and other online substation monitoring devices

Maintenance and Testing

A. Standard Tests

Standard commissioning and preventive maintenance testing of high, medium and low voltage generation, transmission and distribution substation and line equipment, the details of which are as follows:

Power Transformer Testing

Power Circuit Breaker Testing

1. Turns Ratio Test 1. Timing Test
2. Polarity Test 2. Contact Resistance Test
3. Insulation Resistance Test 3. Ground Resistance Test
4. Insulation Power Factor Test 4. Insulation Resistance Test
5. Winding Resistance Measurement 5. Insulation Power Factor Test
6. Exciting Current Measurement 6. DC High Potential Test
7. Ground Resistance Test
8. Tap Charger Check
9. Oil Test/ Dissolved Gas Analysis

Current Transformer Testing

Potential Transformer Testing

1. Ratio, Burden and Polarity Test 1. Ratio and Polarity Test
2. Phase and Magnitude Error Test 2. Phase and Magnitude Error Test
3. Excitation/Saturation Test 3. Secondary Burden Test
4. Insulation Resistance Test 4. Insulation Resistance Test
5. CT Circuit Continuity Test 5. Excitation Test

Other Tests

1. Protective Relay Test
2. Meter/Transducer Testing
3. Recloser Testing
4. Power Factor of Insulting Liquid and Permittivity Testing
5. Primary Current Injection of up to 2,000 Amperes

B. Special Tests

These are special tests for high voltage power transformers, bushings, current and potential transformers. They are advanced tests considered as the "CT scan and MRI" in high voltage testing.

SFRA and DIRANA Tests of Power Transformers

1. Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA)

    Injection of a sinusoidal excitation voltage with a continuously increasing frequency into one end of the transformer winding and measurement of the signal returning from the other end. The comparison of input and output signals generates a unique frequency response which can be compared to a reference data. Deviations indicate geometrical and/or electrical changes within the transformer. No additional data processing is required due to a direct measurement in the frequency domain.

2. Dielectric Response Analysis (DIRANA)

   Determination of the dielectric properties of insulation materials within a wide frequency band by analyzing the moisture content particularly in oil-paper-insulated power transformers, based on dissipation factor and capacitance.

C. Other Services

Functional and Accuracy Testing of Generator Relays

1. Installation, upgrade and commissioning of protection systems
2. Automation and integration of high voltage substation and distribution line equipment
3. Impedance testing of transmission lines
4. Electrical audit and power quality assessment of power systems
5. Thermographic scanning and analysis of power systems
6. Ultrasonic detection and analysis
7. On-line condition-based monitoring of substation equipment
8. Power system study (short circuit analysis, coordination study, etc.)